Just a little rant about motherhood!

A job is what you call it, whatever that may be, it could be doing laundry for a large hotel chain, a street sweeper, a coffee jerk, aka coffee barista, someone who rolls dice on wall street, or what about singing, painting, bus driving, stock car racing, administrative assistant anyone?  Candy girl, chef de cuisine, student, caretaker, taco maker, pizza maker, CEO, grocery bag clerk, bank teller, garbage truck driver, and then there the dental hygentist, a teacher, number crunchers (accountant), a pediatric nurse.  I could go on and on with the creation of jobs and ideas and the needs we have to live in a civilized society, but I won’t, that is not what this post is about… It is about the most important job in the world… The job of being A MOTHER.  The job as a mother is, as I see it completely overlooked and  under compensated, almost like that of teacher.  Granted you are filled with love and emotions everyday, but that is not the cold green cash that pays the bills or the achievement award to hang on the wall, or a promotion.  You don’t get promoted, you do not get a raise, you start with diapers, and get more poop, and then tears and laughter and “NO mommy”…  There is no end to this job.  I have been thinking about how society is falling apart, and why… and I think of my contribution, my part, my job, and I am faced to ask myself if I am doing enough, am I doing it right?  It’s not like there are PhD programs or classes to get my masters in for rearing a child.  Will my son be a part of a solution, am I instilling morals and sincerity, kindness, and the perseverance that will be needed to survive the certain trials and lows spots that will inevitably show up in the years ahead?
The job of Motherhood, is not talked about enough, when I found out that I was pregnant no one warned me or sat down with me to talk to me about what was to come.  I don’t say this in a negative way or a woe is me way… I reference this only to say that its such a shame that we do not celebrate motherhood more!  This job is what creates our society.  We moms are the caretakers of the future, are we missing something here?

I can go on and on about this but for today it’s off my chest… and I will get back to work!  Keep Dreaming.