Fridays come and go

Another friday, already.
I have been swamped with my pivitol tracker messages… so much work and so little time.  But this is great news, which means I am closer to launching, the soft launch.  Lets be honest, the test launch.

On another note, I have noticed that my son, has suddenly stepped into being TWO.  Now I have begun to understand why they shake their heads and say something like, “Oh yeah, the terrible twos”  Last night after I had just finished cutting all the broccoli and chard for my son we went BOOM.  He ran up behind me and bites my, bum… hand on pot stirring veggies, food went flying, we fell to the floor and suddenly I couldn’t figure out how we got there.   Scared that something had burned him, and shocked that I didn’t start screaming from the bite… we sat with pieces of broccoli and swiss chard scattered on our kitchen floor, gas flame still dancing. This became our first official TIME OUT, I sat him down quietly and said now you don’t bit mommy, you need to sit and be quiet by yourself!  Low and behold… he sat.  I think it helped that I had the music on, as he started to snap his fingers and pretend to play the drums, I reminded him to be quiet and still and he did…

I guess there are first for everything.  We are at 2, what am I to do?  Teach, love and remember that he is only two, yes only 2…
Until next time.