Beginning of a permission slip.

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Beginning of a permission slip.

I’m assuming that all women want to be heard and make an impact in their world. I also assume that women have the ability to speak their minds. Beginning of a permission slip.

I believe that we women can and do change the world.  Why do I believe this?  Let me start with childbirth then there’s child rearing, raising a son, or a daughter, oh my god!  We stand up and say to our male contemporaries that we matter, that we deserve the right to speak, vote and dress how we choose.  Can you imagine men ever going through what we have endured?  We are powerful.

We have the same brain power that men do, but do we use it?  When I say this I’m not suggesting that we are stupid, that we don’t study, or pay attention, or that we lack the ability to be effective. I only mention this from what I have observed and from the studies on how men and women are not created equal when it comes to communication, earning what we deserve, Beginning of a permission slip.  and truly having the ability to lead.  I mean we have yet, to have a woman as a president!

Let’s think about Hilary Clinton and her tenacity, willingness to be exposed, her unbridled willpower on standing up for her point of view and against the naysayers, some of which are women!  Notice I didn’t say anything about her politics or her husband.  She is a woman in our history who is criticized for her lack luster fashion  choices and a legacy that follows her as she tries to move forward in her career.  I find it so interesting that we women are not celebrating her success, and ability to compete in a “man’s” world regardless of her fashion, and political standing.  Facts are facts, she has stood up and said, “I’m in!  I’m playing on this field; I have something to say, and good God I’m going to be heard.”  She is making an impact, (whether of not we like it or want to like it) she is showing us how she has decided to speak up with a message that she believes. Perhaps it doesn’t look like we want it too, perhaps she is not as polished as her husband when it comes to moving people, but she is actively speaking her mind.  She has given herself permission.

There are several women who have stood up and voiced their opinions, have challenged the status quo, and put themselves out there to make an impact.  Are you following in their steps?

Are you making an impact with your message, are you finding the courage every day to stand up and make a difference?  It takes courage to speak your mind.  From my experience it also takes time, and fortunately or unfortunately however you want to look at it, time takes time.  Simply said.

There have been so many times in my life when I wanted the end result, the completed project, (NOW) but time and effort had to unfold, and usually over a period of time that was more than expected!  My unfolding never looks the way I want it to. If I reflect on my life, there is not one moment when things have gone exactly how I’ve planned or wanted them. (Perhaps this is a good thing.)  The one trait that has significantly been consistent is my ability to speak my mind.  Not always graceful, and not always what someone wanted to hear, but I speak in spite of myself.  I stand up and share my opinion, and my thoughts.  It’s important that people know me, and what I stand for, just as important that people know you and what you stand for. Beginning of a permission slip.

When I’m working with a new client one of the first things that we discuss is her point of view, and usually, well let’s just say 95% of the time they have no idea.  This is not a bad thing, only a door to open and walk through, to discover!  It’s a lot of fun.  What is your point of view on your life?  Where do you stand in life?  Are you happy there?

We are in an age, an age of digital mayhem from how I see it, the more technology the less verbal communication.  As we lose our voices, we also tend to lose our process… and our instincts.  As women it is our job to make sure that we survive as a species.  WHOA. I know that sounds heavy, but I want you to think about that for a minute, really take it in.  It is in our DNA to communicate with our bodies and voices and without doing that we weaken our communication skills and the way the world moves.  About 93% of our communication is done with our bodies, and non verbal aspects of speech, not our words… get a hold of that will you… yes I said our bodies!  Our actual words only account for about 7%.  WOW.

You see this is what happens when I start doing research I start thinking about all of this crazy stuff and then I have to share it with you.  It may not make sense to you, but it certainly scares the hell out of me.  I have a five year old son who I fricking pray to God that the world will be a better place for him as he grows up.  Jumping on the personal communication band wagon only make sense to me at this time…

Speaking up and owning who you are and what you are doing is key to success.  Sharing your message with the world, has to be done, done by you. NO ONE ELSE.  Finding your message and then being able to present it live and in person is essential to your experience.  Speaking with people is our resource to more, whether that be more connections, more money, more information to make decisions, it’s more.  We need each other, we need to communicate, person to person.

What are you waiting for?  An invitation?  Permission?  Well here it is.

Get the fuck on it.  Start talking about what you are doing in the world.  Start telling on yourself. Start having terrifying conversations that rip your heart open so you are living fully.  Start sharing what you are afraid of. Start asking the questions that hold you back.  Start uncovering your truth so others can uncover their own.  People want to know you, they are waiting to see you and hear you, I promise.

Want to share something with me?  I dare you.