The power of a Mastermind

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Before three years ago I had no clue what a mastermind was, but now I can’t imagine my life without one.  (What is a mastermind?  Are you asking?)  In the past I would have never shared ideas or considered another person’s opinion who was in a different business or industry, now I respect the hell of anyone giving it a go in business with good ethics and practice and say YES!  This past week I traveled to Cebu to participate and join forces with friends, colleagues and the amazing Chris Ducker to talk shop, exchange ideas and think bigger at Tropical Think Tank 2015 #TTT15.  As a result of sitting in circles, being vulnerable and completely open to ideas and feedback I made some big decisions about my business. I’m super excited to move forward and want to share some of my notes and moments that stand out as I reflect The power of a Mastermind.

When I was hanging out with John Lee Dumas he asked me, “Lane how are your people finding you?” I responded with a blank stare, (nothing came to, NADA!) I had no clue in that moment, he smiled at me and said, “I think you need to list all the ways they find you, where are they coming from, and how can you talk to them more directly?”  This little statement was and is huge for me. I know it’s so simple, and yes it’s obvious but do I really think about it?  Yes, I look at my analytics but do I really pay attention to it?  Answer: <NO>  Huge Takeaway.  Lesson learned.  I can’t grow my audience unless I know where my avatar (audience) is living, and hanging out, and where I can reach them.  Action to take: Talk to them in real-time and find out information from them personally! The power of a Mastermind  My question to you — do you know where your customer and clients are coming from, are you tracking them and having regular conversations with them?

people buy from people

I walked in and spotted this tall skinny guy who wasn’t smiling, and for some reason I was instantly attracted to him. Turns out he is Michael Ports biz partner, and one smart cookie, which yes, I am always attracted too!  Matthew Kimberly got under my skin by suggesting that I tighten up my velvet rope (which is a tool to use to eliminate (the angst I have from currently) working with everyone!)  I looked at him disdainfully, and said, “NO, I can’t do that — it will eliminate people.”  He simply said, “Exactly“.  As we got deeper into our conversation I started to see that I don’t want to work with everyone, I don’t want people who are halfway interested in what I do. I only want to work with a specific person, I only want her to respond to my calls, so yes, she is allowed behind the velvet rope! (get it?)  How does this apply to you?  Well, who are you serving?  Everyone or a single person who is desperate for your attention?  The person who is desperate will find you if you are clear, your message has to be so well-defined that there will be no other party for her to attend The power of a Mastermind.  Make sense?  If not make a comment and I can go deeper into it. The power of a Mastermind  (This blog post = Notes only.)

*random note in the side margin of my notebook: Make sure to clearly define your market… think about Starbucks! 

Here was good a good moment: What makes you, you?  Have you thought about that lately?  I have.  This is called the power of differentiation, Dan Norris shared about being contrarian and different.  I LOVE This…  Here, I’ve listed some of the contributing factors on how I’m different.  I was actually surprised, it made me start to consider why some people pay attention to what I have to say, and why others totally ignore me The power of a Mastermind.

Here is some of my list:

  • totally passionate about listening and dissecting people’s lives and helping them get to the extraordinary life, they want.
  • I geek out on conversations about business, have actual business experience, and have had great success and have failed miserably.
  • I’m a woman who was never going to have children and then it happened.
  • I am incapable of being bored. (not living at a five like most people — see here for Bruno Mars dance class/I’m on far left in blue making mistakes!)
  • crazy (as in love) about communication, talking, conversation, networking.
  • I travel as much as I can. (this is a big one in understanding people)
  • I am an introvert who needs community to thrive, but downtime is absolute and built into my life.
  • I love fashion but am not a snob about it, I actually prefer to wear jeans and tshirts. (super approachable in real time if you catch me at the grocery store!)
  • I have a unique perspective on the body and bio-hacking as a result of immune disorders.
  • I make yoga and meditation a priority or the world gets bleak. (must-do activity)

I only bring this exercise up because it really helped me to see that I’m is a bit more specialized and unique.  It allowed me to recognize that I am not an ordinary coach, but rather someone with a huge capacity to help others in many different ways.  I want you to make your list, what are your differentiating factors?  Send them to me! Or leave them in the comments below, Oh, I would love that!

The last note/take away from Tropical Think Tank I want to share with you are the three “S’s” that Nick brought up, which stand for Story, Stance and Strategy.  We sat around these tables and had to talk about our businesses, our story.  Then came stance, which is what you stand for, obvious right?  What is your stance, what makes you stand up and make a statement?  When it came to the third “S”, strategy I crumbled.  I realized I lacked a solid strategy.  Do you have a rock solid strategy that has flexibility?  Thank goodness for the power of the collective contribution of the other members!  I now have solid strategy moving forward in business.  I want you to think about your three “S’s” Are you rock solid with all three?  Do you need help?  If you know them all, I want to hear about them!

My time in Cebu with this amazing group of like-minded individuals was…  well, hmmm it’s hard to put into words but I can say that it’s been placed in the top five events in my life!  #gamechanger.

Until next time, over and out.

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