Too many emails in my inbox

I feel liberated. Why?  Well I’m off of email. Yep, like down to 30 minutes a day. I was spending four to five hours in email land and newsletterville, lost! I had too many emails in my inbox!  About four months ago I realized that I wasn’t getting anything done…

The power of a Mastermind

The power of a Mastermind
Before three years ago I had no clue what a mastermind was, but now I can't imagine my life without one. ((Are you asking, what is a mastermind?)) In the past I would have never shared ideas or considered another person's opinion who was in a different business or industry, now I respect the hell of anyone giving it a go in business with good ethics and practice and say YES to sharing and growing.  

Beginning of a permission slip.

Speaking up and owning who you are and what you are doing is key to success.  Sharing your message with the world, has to be done, done by you. NO ONE ELSE. Stop asking, “How do I make an impact on the world…”  Start taking action and saying yes to your life, on your terms.