Green Smoothie Sugar & Day Three!

The Smoothie Challenge?  Are you in?!  I have to say I love Jadah and Jen over at yes indeed huge fans!  And their proven and tried recipes are divine… BUT they don’t do me justice on my search to stay on the low to no sugar world.  Have you signed up for their next Challenge it begins on October 1st — get over there!  Do it.

In the morning I rummage my way through the cupboard and fridge searching for the perfect meal which ends with with nothing, I decide to turn to the books!  I love Mark Hyman, he is one of my favorite Bio-Hacking Doctors!    Here is Day Three of my Detox and feeling better, and losing those 12 pounds!  

Day two was a doosey, watch out if you are going to dive into this adventure with me. Hold on tight to get through day two!  

The meal plan for day three =  simple – low sugar – nutrient dense!  ENJOY 

Day three

We didn’t like the first smoothie!  YUCK!

New Recipe that worked!  

½ cup blackberries

1 cup almond milk

2 tbsp pommagranite seeds

1 cup baby chard

1 piece of ginger (1/2 inch)

1 Brazil Nut

1 tbsp sun butter

5 icecubes

2 tbsp sesame seeds

1 tbsp hemp seeds — soak for 10 minutes at least.

2 strawberries

Super easy to make!

Adrian’s RATING FOUR STARS!  ****


lunch — so so delicious!

wilted greens with 2 soft boiled eggs — Spinach and cabbage

apple cider vinegar & olive oil

salt and pepper to taste — 



dinner — so so filling!

4-6 oz grilled lamb

marinade- cilantro – mint – rosemary – garlic – oli

veggie roast – fennel – zuchinni- kale – brocolli

salad with cucumber and pommegranite seeds