How Yoga Nidra Can Help with Deep Relaxation and Rest

how Yoga Nidra Can Help with Deep Relaxation and Rest

Rest is everything. In this episode, Karen Brody is my guest we discuss sleep and resting the body. The ultimate gift of caring for oneself, the importance of being, and her journey to Daring To Rest!

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how Yoga Nidra Can Help with Deep Relaxation and Rest


Hi friend. Welcome to this episode. Where I speak to a dear friend of mine. This is an old episode, but I wanted to put it into the mix because there’s so much information here. For mamas who are needing to rest need to sleep. Karen is a pro. At helping ladies get deep. So I hope you enjoy this episode and remember, join me once a month over at recover like a Yoga Nidra Can Help with Deep Relaxation and Rest

Dot com forward slash reset. Remember, I do a monthly free kind of like a VIP day. Yeah, join me. I’ll see you there. Let’s get into the episode

Lane Kennedy: Today’s guest is Karen Brody. Karen, welcome to the show.

Karen Brody: Hey, it’s great to be here. Lane love being here.

Lane Kennedy: So fantastic to have you with us and I, I love the work that you do and what you bring to the practice. Because it’s really, it’s your twist, it’s your spin. And I find that all guides we follow, we follow a structure or a shape or a, a rhythm, but then each of us has our own little taste, so to speak. And that makes it really special. And it allows each person out in the world to find who they need, you know? So I want to, I want us to go back for a minute because a lot of our listeners are new and they’re searching for something, and I want our listeners to know who you are, right? Like what brought you to yoga nidra.

Karen Brody: great question. Well, it was an accident. Yes, yes. All good things are, you know, I, I walked into a yoga studio thinking I was going to take a bendy, stretchy yoga class.

It was about or six months postpartum. Ah, no, maybe it was, it was much longer week. I’m, I’m in a total fog. No, it was, it was a couple of years after I’d had my second son. Ah, that was it. And he had just started preschool, and I had been eyeing this yoga studio thinking I still had the postpartum weight.

That was it. And I was like, I gotta get to yoga class and you know, get back into shape. And I wanted to this yoga studio, this beautiful guide was guiding people in yoga. Neidra and I. Could smell it. I mean, they were in a room that was to the right. I even, I can just imagine it right now. Like I, I didn’t have a view of the room, but I could smell it.

I heard her voice just ever so gently. Actually, the door was just cracked open a little, which is interesting cause usually I close the door, then I go over and I look in and I’m like, Oh. Well, are they taking a nap like, or is it at the end of a yoga class or, but they all have blankets and I pillows and they look so cozy and they, I mean, they had multiple blankets.

how Yoga Nidra Can Help with Deep Relaxation and Rest

They were like on beds. It was so inviting. And. There was bliss in the air. I thought, I want what they got. I don’t know what it is. It’s curious. I didn’t really think I’d paid money to nap. You know what seemed like a nap? I thought like I have to get back into shape. I don’t need to lie down, but what I didn’t really need to do is lie down and I was exhausted and I had.

This was year three of being on antianxiety medication. So I was in a place where I was,

how Yoga Nidra Can Help with Deep Relaxation and Rest

I’m not really looking to get off of it, honestly. I was, I was like surviving on it, and that was fine, but I didn’t realize that a yoga new drug could lead me to the solution to this. These panic attacks have plagued me for years and years and years, and so I was went to lie down really for a nap.

I signed up every Friday at noon religiously like it was church. It’s like, wow, I didn’t know where I went, but I went places that I probably always knew were in me, but I didn’t. Really need them until you open the DRA. And so when Nutra with like, I just remembered how beautiful I am and how, I mean, I’m talking inner stuff and how, and how this, this, this, these panic attacks that really, I didn’t go at all to yoga Nutra for that reason, but I just felt my whole nervous system start to relax, soften, like there became hope and possibility. Which didn’t exist before. Yoga Nedra came in abundance and I did a meditator for years, so meditation wasn’t new to me.

I’m mostly silent. Meditation file follow tea, not Han for a very long time. I loved his book pieces, every step. That was one of my first. Honestly, I found it in a church basement. I’m not, I can’t, I don’t know. I’m Jewish. I don’t even go to church, but that’s where they used to do meditation years ago in the church basements and I just, found yoga Nedra it was like meditation with a cherry on top.

I talk about the Jimmys. It’s like, wait a minute, where have you been my whole life? Yeah, there was no like seeking to end the anxiety because I was taking medication, so I was managing it. But actually when I went on the medication, I felt like a real loser because I had been on this health kick for a pretty long time and I barely took an Advil.

So there I was taking Klonopin an antianxiety medication and, and I was like. Wow. I can’t believe that. Like literally my life has come to this, but at the same time it is getting me through each day. And, and I, I initially thought it’ll be six months and then three years later, it was three years.

So the bridge was like a really long bridge, but yoga Nutra really provided this cradle, this womb, this mamma that could hold all of me. And that means the fear that meant the trust, like everything. It was so. It was like this deep pause that was indescribable. I had no words for it to everyone else. They were like, Oh, you’re going for your nap?

I’m like, yeah, it’s a nap. Oh no, come on. No.

how Yoga Nidra Can Help with Deep Relaxation and Rest

It’s suppose lying down to wake up. It’s waking up on so many levels, so just going into that yoga studio changed my life. How many years ago? Oh, now my goodness. Okay. My, my sons were two and four, and I have an 18 and 20-year-old, so 16 years ago. 16 okay. Yeah.

Yeah. I’ve been at this for a while. Let’s just pause for a moment and just, I want to get like granular because we’re talking about, I suffered from postpartum like I was desperate and dying. And by the time I I didn’t have the opportunity to find yoga and nobody was doing, Oh, we need you to here in San Francisco.

how Yoga Nidra Can Help with Deep Relaxation and Rest

So I talk about postpartum now. Like I’m like Mama, here I am. This is going to change you. Right? But you said something about this three years of being on this antianxiety medication, right? And you thought it was going to be six months. And this like just gets right to me because I’m in recovery longterm recovery and I see people go on medication and then they inevitably relapse.

That’s been my experience. That one little pill leads them back to a drink and what I have experienced with yoga Neidra and you just shared it so beautifully. It opened up the space for you to find recovery from your anxiety, which is stunning and beautiful. It gave you an opportunity to rest your body, your soul, your mind.

Right? And I don’t want to get political about, you know, drugs and medications and going to a doctor or any of that stuff. You guys, that’s not what I’m saying, but. What both Karen and I, and I, I’m just going to have a broad stroke here, is saying is that there is something so magical with this practice in rewiring the central nervous system, and, and I’m S I’m just so grateful that you’ve found, you found this practice, right?

Like you open the door for so many other ladies. Yes. A lot of people talk about it being life changing. I would say it’s also lifesaving. Yes, yes, yes. And there’s no criticism of a time period in your life where you need medication. And I truly do believe that, sometimes we need the medication and, and but then there is this opportunity with yoga Nutra that I never knew exist in, to know myself so deeply.

And in knowing myself so deeply, I began to . Find the solutions to, to, and, and, and, because I always like to say yoga. Nedra I think except for sleep, sleep, it often killed you can, is the solution for a lot of sleep problems. But the yoga nurture more leads you to the solutions. So you begin to hear messages, you begin to hear you, you start to align with your true self and in aligning with your true self, your highest good.

You. Say no to things that before it was, you know, it was, I didn’t put myself in. I don’t put myself in situations that caused the anxiety, the panic attacks. I learn and there, and it’s hard with kids because. You have to show up every day. You know, it’s like the performance that never ends. Oh God, yes, yes.

I’m so there. There is that. Pressure. I felt as a mom to be there for my children and how could I also be there for myself and you’ll get Nija gave me the pause to be able to be there for myself and know that it’s not an either or. It’s both. And it’s all benefit your children more when it is the end.

Both. Because if it’s either or, that’s that’s ultimately not great for them either. Right. Oh, and the hope and possibilities that you spoke of, right? Like having that breath comes through you and like, Oh my God, I could do this differently. Right. Having that awakening is Epic. I mean, at least it was for me.

Oh yeah. It’s a whole paradigm change. It’s a paradigm shift. That’s exactly what it is. Yeah, and what happens is some friends drop away and I’m shift. It’s like, again, it’s another smell thing. I’m going to go back into the scent, but like you smell different. They smell different to you. And it just doesn’t work anymore.

And that’s, you know, you, you know, you bless it, you, you grieve it, whatever it is, and you’re in the new paradigm, you can’t go back. It’s so true. Okay. And I just, I have to relate this back to being in recovery. I mean, this is so parallel to, and I didn’t know this is where this conversation was going to go, but this idea of when I first got sober, they said, you know, you’re gonna have to change everything, but nothing.

And I was like, what are you talking about? And they said, well, you know, your friends may disappear, your job may disappear. Things may start looking different. And that’s exactly what happened. I started seeing the world in a different view, and like I was saying, when we first, before the, our conversation here, it’s like finding a new tribe to hang out with.

Right. Finding a new way to live. Like I didn’t know that I could just rest my body, but that was an option. Right? Cause like what you just said, like laying down, that’s not an option. I got to go and do things. I’ve got gotta be with my kids. I’ve got to get things done. I got to go to the grocery store.

There’s always the list, right? But when we just lie down and rest, we do have that paradigm shift. We do start to smell different and see things differently. Such a beautiful way to open this conversation. Thank you. And after you place your body and the care of yoga Neidra what? What was your biggest aha.

All right. What was your biggest like? Wow. You know, like you’ve been doing this a long time now, let’s, so let’s forward like in five years,

cause you’ve had time to go through the process and to really let it nurture and nurse you. And let’s, yeah, let’s time jump. What was that big aha? Well, I’ll tell you the initial aha was, Oh, Oh my gosh. You know, just the energy I had, I never had energy on that level. It was like before I saw black and white and now I was seeing color and I didn’t know I was in black and white.

So that was pretty big for me. I talk about this endearing thrust a lot in, in, in my book, their interest because the soul whispers, I call them soul ladies. I’m showing it in case I showed this video to you. Beautiful, daring to rest green. You can get it on Amazon. Boom. Just like that. Click of a button.

Yeah. Well, in the book, I, we, you know, the dairy trust method we talk about in our yoga is we invite people to listen for soul whispers. That came about in my first year of practicing yoga where I thought I was writing a book about. Totally. I had interviewed 118 women about their birth experiences, and I wanted to write about the birth crisis in America, and I said, I’m writing a book, I’m writing a book, and I’m like, I’m writing a book.

And then the book was not coming. That birth was not happening. And when I laid down in yoga Nutra yes, I thought tons of energy, but one of the surprising things was I started hearing these. Voices, messages from my soul, I would call them soul whispers of what I needed to do in life, like instructions almost, and they used to come, honestly, sometimes they’d come in new DRA, but a lot of times they’d come, like during the day, I’d be driving my kids around, we’d be going to the park.

They could be in this car seat. I literally would, I literally would say. Oh, you totally don’t. I’m like, I’m going to keep you strapped in the car seat, and I would open up my glove compartment right on napkins. These whispers I was getting, and it was telling me, I was hearing the women who I, who I had been interviewing and it was telling me this is a play.

This is not a book. And so through Nutra, I wrote this book, this play called birth. I’d never written a play before. It’s now been translated into four languages all over the world, raised over a million dollars to improve maternity care. Oh my God. And that came from. Lying down, and I wrote it when my kids were napping.

I didn’t even, it felt almost like it was channeled and Nidra opened up the channels. I mean, my creativity just began to explode and I held that by the end of the year. I heard. Even more. I was really hearing a lot. It was like you were in your inner world so much in yoga Nedra that it gave me permission to really believe in my intuition and the intuition led me to this dreadlock healer down in the lower East side who.

Was probably my biggest breakthrough for my panic attacks. My nervous system was already so relaxed because of Mitra that I had the confidence that I could maybe get off of this and these antianxiety pills.

Just want to make a little shout out. If you are needing a little support, remember I host a monthly. Calm reset. Just for you. I created these circles. Just for you. Join me once a month. Over at forward slash reset. Sign up. And I’ll see you there. Okay let’s get back to the episode

Lane Kennedy: . That’s those. Those are big aha moments for sure. I mean, writing a play like. Because I’ve written a couple of books and because I know that like writing, you’re like, you’re committed, right?

You’re, I’m gonna write this book. It’s going to be this way. Like I know that like experience, and then to have an awakening and have it to become a play and to be seen all over the place and to do that kind of, that’s, and I’d never written a play before. My husband was like, what? Huh? I said, yeah, I, I’m, I’m writing a play.

I don’t know, like it’s not working as a book and I’m getting this message that it’s a play and I’m hearing the play I have, I told him I’d wait for mid dried here. The voices of the play, and and Dr Christiane Northrup calls it the vagina monologues of childbirth, the play, because it was, it was written just like the vagina monologues, but it was, it was about birth.

Wow. And I felt like. Nutra absolutely. I would never have written a play. Right. No. That just gives me, so let’s talk about hope, right? Like that just fires me up. It fills me up because this practice, it just opens us up. Just it’s so divine. Here we go. You guys, you know me. It’s so divinely inspired. I don’t like using this language, but.

It is divinely inspired. Yeah. And that that first year, I wouldn’t even have talked about it in this way. I mean, all these things were happening and I just didn’t. Honestly, I wanted a nap every Friday at noon I took my nitro nap and that’s what I just thought, I need to rest. I need to rest any trust, and that was great, and that’s exactly what it was.

Then the, the cherry on top piece just kept happening again and again and again in my life, and that is why I love this medicine. So you write this, you write this play. It goes all over the world. And how does Karen’s life unfold with this? Let’s go even further. I never thought I’d do anything with yoga and other than practice it.

I never thought, but I am a community organizer. I mean, I’ve been a community organizer since I was a young girl. I was born at community organizer, I believe in, so I’m a Scorpio. What’s your rising? Oh, I don’t know. Oh my God. Okay. I have to find out, but I’m definitely someone who, the first 10 years of my life, I was in the peace Corps.

I worked for 10 years in vulnerable communities with women as a community organizer with, I have my master’s in women and international development. I mean, I. I’ve worked in women’s empowerment and leadership for a long time. So suddenly I began to see all these connections with nitrous to wow, we could sleep our way to empowerment.

Like it didn’t have to be a part of the to do list. Right. Oh my God, yes. This was. To me, this was the medicine women needed. And so the first time I started thinking about sharing yoga knew Dre. It was for women who are pregnant and postpartum. That was the first. Yeah. And mothers, mothers, every mother needs this practice and need, and I don’t want to be like, nah, I need to have it.

Oh, they should have it on an IV drip, like it should be like interference drip.

Yeah. Because rest is a muscle. I mean, the more we practice it, the more it expands our consciousness and our of ourselves in our lives, all of it. And so the big piece that was kept coming through in all of my work was. Nutra Nutra like even though I wasn’t running a full time business about Neidra, that seemed almost ridiculous, although I didn’t really even entertain that at first.

I just wanted to share the shit out of this stuff like this. Everyone on the planet needs to know about yoga. Neidra. And so I’m going to cheerlead it, even though I never was a cheerleader, and I don’t even understand that, right? I had really chunky thighs. I was overweight as a kid. I wasn’t going to be, wasn’t going to be picked as a cheerleader, but yoga knee drop makes me want to grab some pompoms and start shaking them.

And so the first. I did some private work with women because of my birth work. I had already been in the birth world. I knew a lot of doulas and midwives, and I was working on a Skype and other ways with women privately with yoga and the draw. But my first offering was a 40 day program, which is what my book, daring tourist is, how it’s written.

And it was called nap time for moms. It was easy, a 40 day program. I was. No, I mean, I thought your conditioner was powerful and I loved it and I believed in it. But at the end of the 40 days, I mean, the breakthroughs that women were having even blew me away. I was just thought, wow. And that just Boyd me to like, Oh, I’ve got to offer something else.

And so once a year I’d offer a 40 day program for women, mostly moms in the beginning, and then it was women in general. And. I just felt this passion for Mitra and it’s just continued to grow. It’s so, okay. So I just have to share about a girlfriend of mine who I have been like sh totally stressed single mom, her kids, five or six, you know, young.

And she’s in a nursing program, so she’s really, you know, like, let’s just say I’m stretched. Wow. Yeah. And I, and I’ve said for the last six months, just come and practice. Just, just try, you know, I have on you know, insight timer, just, if you can’t make it to a class, I’m on insight timer. Just. Listen.

So finally about three weeks ago, she showed up at the studio and I was like, what are you doing? She’s like, well, I’m here. I’m here for the class. And I was like, Oh. And I gave her a big hug and I said, and she was like, what do I do? And she thought she was going to do, you know, a song like awesome as she has her little Lulu lemon pants on.

She’s ready to roll. She’s got her little Tao. And I’m like, what? W let’s just, let’s lay down right here. Get really close to me. Let’s just lay, I’m put you right here. And so she laid down right there with the rest of my students and put them out, and she had the experience right off the first class. Wow.

And she, every week now she’s there. And she has become this cheerleader, and I got a call from her the other day. She’s like, how come you didn’t tell me about this earlier?

Just lie your body down. Just do it. And she’s like, this is the best thing ever. I didn’t know it could be this easy. Everything has changed and this is seriously in three weeks, everything.

Seems like a miracle that it can be this easy because we think that somehow personal development has to be really hard. We have to work at it. We have to go to therapy. No, this is like take away the therapy and just lay down and you will have your Epiphanes and you will have your understanding of yourself.

Just get really quiet. It’s so deep and subtle. So juicy. So you’ve created this community because you’re community driven and what I don’t want to, how do I want it? How does this community, how do you see the community changing and evolving. Well, I think that, you know, communities develop their, their own flavor.

And I think that, that we in direct trust, we have two communities. One is a community of facilitators who we train. And after the training day continued to, to be learned together to, to be together to, you know, for me it’s easier together. Yes. That is, I just, I guess in Darren tourist, I created what I really wanted at the time I was so nitro hungry because you know, there weren’t that many other people practicing.

And if you’ve met another person practicing, you both like sat down and had TMU hugged and you and you just, or you gave them knowing glance. At each other. And I just thought, you know, we live in a culture that is so rested, negative that what if we could be around people who are rest positive? And so we have a private, a personal development community called nap that women are practicing for their personal.

Selves, and then we have a more of a professional training that during trust Academy and both of those, again, the concept of it’s easier together. First of all, we set these up always shown you are 80% more likely to do something, follow through, make it a regular part of your life if you are in community, if you have accountability built in all of these pieces is what community does.

And so. Yeah. I luckily am someone who typically, if I do make a commitment, I’m going to show up, but I have to say that it’s easier with community knowing like even just the 12:00 PM on Friday class, I knew that I knew those women. I, I, you know, as much as it wasn’t a membership, we were a part of, we were a part of something and.

You know, we, we missed each other when they weren’t there. And we knew, you know, and, and, and for me, we are in a culture that continually tells us to do go be productive. Rest is lazy, rest is unproductive, rest is weakness. Some women tell me they’d been told. That you can rest when you die there or there, you know?

So these are really strong messages that we need to counter. And the way to counter it is in community. To me, the way it’s like the Mar Margaret Mead, hopefully I’ll get her quote right. But you know, never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. In fact, it’s the only thing that ever does.

Yes. You know? And that motivates me to create community because really, honestly, sustainable movements trickle up. They don’t trickle down. So that comes from the grassroots that comes from us. And if we’re in a household or a workplace. Or just a group of moms that are rest negative. We’re never going to find the juice, the energy to do that.

So, you know, literally I found moms just by joining nap, the our, our personal community community for women. They. Feel confident in telling their spouse, their children, mommy snapping. This is my nap time, and they and that trains the whole family. I had to do that with my kids. I had to train him. I had to know like I’m not available and when they’re two and three, that’s really hard.

You have to get. Outside care or someone, if you’re having someone, you’re a partner and you’re living with, you know, that’s, it’s challenging when they’re young, but that’s when you book into your day. Maybe it’s in the morning, maybe it’s in the before you go to bed. You know, community for me is key. You speak my language, so we’re so similar in that regard.

Yeah. It’s everything. Everything changes in community, and that’s why I love being a part of the yoga Neidra community. I mean, I see this as a movement of men and women of women and men who are putting their bodies down to rest to wake up. I love that saying, because we do wake up and when you do, you practice every day.

No, not always. I mean, there, there are days I I go, I might practice every day for two weeks. And then. I don’t practice for a day or two, but yeah, more or less, I guess you could say I practice every day, but I’m, I’m a big believer in Chuck. Perfect. So I check in with my body, like for example, yesterday you know, typically I wake in the morning and I do yoga, knee DRA.

Yesterday I wanted to go for a walk in nature. That was my priority. And I always go, at the end of the day, I take a walk as well. And so that meant yesterday, I didn’t practice. That’s okay. That’s okay. Yeah. Do you double dip on some days? Oh, yeah. Right? Oh, yeah. Okay. So I was having a conversation was no way.

You know, Zoe and she introduced me to this idea and I was like, what you do at twice a day? She was like, absolutely changed my life again. Paradigm shift. Oh, I could do it twice. Yeah. I’ll practice in the morning and then sometimes I’ll practice right before dinner. Yeah. I just, I was doing, yeah, I’ve been doing it at night before I go to bed now with Jennifer Pearcey magical experience.

Ange, my sleep at night, which I sleep since finding the practice of yoga Neidra my sleep is completely changed, but now doing this little double dip. I don’t even know what happens at night. Like a new woman. Yeah. great. Yeah. Why not?

Honestly, to me, nitrous like sex, it really is. It truly is the orgasm, I think it is because, you know, it helps us hold opposites in life. And what do you do when you, when you’re, when you’re having an orgasm, where when you’re in transition giving birth, it’s like, I think I can. I can’t, you know, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.

And then the orgasm, the really excitement is when you hold both, and that’s when the baby comes out. That’s when you have an orgasm. And that’s yoga. Nutra why not have two yoga major orgasms a day? Okay. So somebody in my class today talked about the tingles. They’re like, wait a minute, I had tingles. And I’m like, yes.

Normal. And she’s like, why is that normal? Yeah. And I’m like, well, that’s a bigger conversation. And I paused and this is a new person in my class, and I’m like, okay, I’ve got to think about how I’m going to explain this. And then I, and then I pause and all of a sudden, I think I said, just wait until you feel like you’re having an orgasm, because that’s going to happen too.

She was like, what are you talking about? We did the whole class. It was like, what am I, because the body, we go through so many different stages, right? And that surrender in the unwiring of the central nervous system, and when we fill the heart, right, it’s like. We are doing magical stuff in the body. Yeah.

You’re going to feel energy release and it’s going to feel, maybe it’s a tingle, maybe it’s a whatever, you know, and there will be energy releases. Thank goodness you’re going up to source. And you know, we operate, this is depression, anxiety. We got, we don’t operate from source. We’re. You know, we’re not breathing.

We’re not bringing, that’s a breath. We’ll bring you up to source. That’s why they say when you feel, you know, like you’re going to pass out, take some breaths. You’re coming back up to source. So yummy. Karen, I love talking to you and hanging out so much juicy goodness. So you double dip some days. Some days you don’t have to.

You take it as you can. You love the practice. You’re about community, your driving force in this world of yoga. Neidra Karen, thank you for so much for spending some time with us today and being in the world and providing. The juicy love where people gonna find you. You want them to go to daring to rest.

Yeah. Dairy that’s the best place to find me. Thank you so much. You can also find her over on Instagram at daring Torres. Yup. Yeah. I have my own personal and to Karen underscore Brody, something like that, and her juicy book, daring to rest. I went through this in like a day. Super easy, quick read if you want to check that out.

Also on Amazon.

Karen, thank you again for being with us. Thank you so much, LN. Pleasure to be here, . I hope you enjoyed this episode. May you find something light, something bright, and something so juicy that fills you up and feeds you so that you may be the best you can be today. Thanks for hanging out with us.

Take good care. Bye for now.


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