Reducing Anxiety: My Experiment with Going Offline”

"Reducing Anxiety: My Experiment with Going Offline"

Last week I admitted to being anxious, yep me. It was hard to say out loud, but the truth is that being on the computer all day and being social on social platforms on the internet has me wound up in a tight ball. I don’t like it. I don’t like it one bit.

I’m a mindfulness teacher. A meditation teacher, a hypnotherapist. A fricking DNA enthusiast who supports women in coming home to themselves, I’m not about being online all day. NO. My body aches from it; my mind becomes like sludge, and my personality goes dark. It’s really NOT good.

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Over the years of my recovery, I’ve seen this incredible movement supporting positive awareness of addiction, breaking the stigma of alcoholism, sobriety, people moving towards an alcohol-free lifestyle, and living in recovery—which is, in my opinion, fantastic! When I first found the sober path, it was stated over and over to be anonymous to “sit still and work with others,” “pass it on,“ and “in order to keep it, you give it away”. All of this was taken under the pretense that the care of my mental health and those of hundreds and thousands and millions of others who walk before me were all guided by true allies and the principle of altruism. {WHAT? HOW?}

3 Ways to Invest in Your Recovery

should You Invest in Recovery?

Should you invest in recovery? This episode is with cohost, Tom Gentry my friend and host of The Path To Authenticity who lives in long-term recovery as well!

Why Is Commitment Important in Love?

Why Is Commitment Important in Love? with Lane Kennedy

Commitment is one of the most important aspects of any relationship. Without it, you cannot build a strong or long-lasting bond with someone else, which means that your love might just dissipate after some time due to a lack of commitment from either party involved.

3 Treatment Options For Sobriety

Are There Remote Treatment Options For Addiction Recovery? with Lane Kennedy

3 Treatment Options For Sobriety Unfortunately, addiction became an even more damaging issue than usual throughout the pandemic. There have been numerous reports in the past few years about the existing opioid crisis worsening, and a Washington Post report on alcohol-related deaths revealed that the pandemic brought the highest rate in decades Are There Remote Treatment Options … Read more

Find Your Worth With Astrology

Find Your Worth With Astrology

find Your Worth With Astrology This episode I left totally raw and real, no edit, enjoy. Here’s what’s inside this episode with Rhetta: Listen in to Rhetta’s episode episode 106: Find Your Worth With Astrology INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT (Transcription is not perfect.) Rhetta: Hey, y’all welcome to the connected calm life. This is Rhetta. Lane: Hey, … Read more

All About Alcohol-Free Living and Human Design

I love this episode with co-host Lauren! Are you a fan of alcohol-free living, do you know what it means to live alcohol-free? Today that’s what we explore, alongside an insider’s view of human design.