Dreaming in a cardboard box

When I was younger I remember my teachers always encouraging me to dream and stretch my imagination, stretch, stretch, stretch, well here I am years later sharing this with my son. So much fun. Other fun stuff to read on… The Cardboard Hall of Fame (dothegreenthing.com) Cardboard (dothegreenthing.com) Toddler-Sized Millenium Falcon Built From Cardboard Box … Read more

Really deployment?

Just joking, well maybe not…  When I entered the world of technology I really had no idea what I was getting myself into, and maybe that has been a good thing.  Maybe naivety has been my advantage in this whole thing, maybe that is why I just keep going?  Developing technology without a technology background, … Read more

Staying True and Focused

Recently I was introduced to someone fabulous, another delightful entrepreneur.  I love entrepreneurs, we are a special breed (but that’s for another post).  Anyway, I met this person and we hit it off immediately, I love that!  We talked shop, we exchanged ideas and then suddenly I found myself wrapped up with moving on from … Read more

logo logo logo

  The process is taking forever!  But just around the corner there will be a logo… I have been using a couple of sites, one of them, www.logodesignguru.com, and honestly I am not thrilled with this company, so I have gone back to www.ODESK.com which rocks… I may end up with two logos and then … Read more