the importance of time

I was recently thinking about time, the time that I have had without picking up a drink, or a chocolate doughnut; both of which have been many long years.  Then I started thinking about time in regards to my son, and how quickly it passes.  Which then brought me to the simplicity of time, and the only way it passes…  minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day.

Some people I come across have no regard for time, and I believe I use to be in this group, that is until I became a mother.  Now, time is precious, and even more valuable then the present moment, if that makes any sense.  I believe that I need all the time, and experiences that I have had, up to this point to deal with and know how to handle the trials, smiles, qualms, and spats of parenting, motherhood, being a wife and a entrepreneurial business woman.

I talk to a lot of people who shrug their shoulders and say, “Yes, I know, I know…”  I think (I could be totally off on this point, but I don’t think so…) what is happening is that they are interpreting the subject that I am speaking of how they want to see/hear it, then slightly change the subject, and say, “Yes uhuh, I totally get it.”  Now this is where time comes into play, and experience.  Unless you are a mom, married, parenting a toddler right now, and creating a business, then NO, you, do not say, yes you get it.  YOU don’t get it.

One thing I really appreciate is sitting with other women who have walked before me, the ones who are rich with life experience.  Years of time.  I admire, and look up to these ladies, they have families, husbands, companies… They are the ones with time who understand.  They have the time to listen with intent, to offer ideas, suggestions, and opinions in which I can honestly listen too.

As I grow in time, and years I find it more of a challenge to find these women.  But the women who I do have on my hit list of names to call, I value, they are my lifesavers!  I adore them, and to them I owe this post, the unsung heroes of motherhood and life!  Thank  you.