The last fifteen minutes

  I think Adrian has about 15 minutes left in today’s nap… so I have to make this a quick entry. The last couple of weeks have been a challenge, difficult, hard, or bluntly said, shitty.  I have been wandering through the waters of health issues, and when this comes up I automatically go to … Read more

Full stream ahead

Even though we are going to be a couple of weeks behind, I am, we are moving full stream ahead which is so nice!  We are deploying to our platform (fancy term for moving the code to location that the world will see it)…  yeah!  But there is something else I discovered…  watch! [youtube]

the importance of time

I was recently thinking about time, the time that I have had without picking up a drink, or a chocolate doughnut; both of which have been many long years.  Then I started thinking about time in regards to my son, and how quickly it passes.  Which then brought me to the simplicity of time, and … Read more

How to eliminate 150 applicants and find the perfect match!

Whoa, who has the time to deal with hiring a team?  As a mother I have VERY little time to eat or even brush my teeth, let alone go through 150 applicants… argh!  My project requires an excellent team, I deserve it… how to deal?  Watch my update! [youtube]