Straightforward and Huffington Post

I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing mentors over the years and all of them have pretty much said the same thing, “Lane, always be ready.” Last week I experienced this first hand when my article in the Huffington Post that went live before I could actually think about it!  An email … Read more

Is there such thing as Organic Skincare and Direct Selling?

Melissa Brown Founder of Radiantly You, health coach and mom of three is on a mission to make sure that moms find their WHY and make money doing it with ORGANIC body products for themselves and kids! 

Walking away from job security to clothing startup Sharon Schneider!

Amazing interview with Sharon– wow, did she have some intense learning experiences.  You will appreciate and learn so much from her.  Listen in and learn.  Check out her amazing company here:

Life with Adrenal Fatigue, a million+ dollar business and MORE!

Lane Kennedy and Melissa talk about being different and going against what society thinks is the way to start a business.  Listen and hear her great adventure.  WOW.

Barbara Tallent and Dog Agility classes!

Barbara Tallent of LiveBinders shares her story as a mom entrepreneur with us. She has 2 kids who are both teenagers at this point.  She is doing LiveBinders, which aims to help teachers, parents, and students to be more organized and to share simply and clearly. It is really a great way to share knowledge … Read more