How to Be Fully Present This Holiday Season

How to Be Fully Present This Holiday Season

This could be a stressful time in your life and I’m here to share today’s Mantra meditation to calm you down at any time, you may come back to this practice again and again. Don’t stress stop and listen.

You’ve got this, don’t give up don’t lose your Sh*t… Take a breath through it and use the tools I have been sharing.

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How to Be Fully Present This Holiday Season


Welcome. Hi friend, really grateful that you have chosen this time to spend with me. Today’s episode is about slowing down and creating memories and allowing yourself to say enough is enough. You’re listening to the connected calm life. My name is Lane Kennedy. I’m your calm coach. I’m here to support you in slowing down and making your life more comfortable, easier, quiet, the ruminating thoughts, and really bring liberation and fulfillment.

To your daily activities. So I’m really glad you’re here. If you’re new to the show, thank you for checking it out. If you’re coming back, I appreciate you so very much. Please share this with a friend and make sure to review over on iTunes. And when you do that, send me a screenshot of it. For some reason, How to Be Fully Present This Holiday Season I can’t see the reviews.

It’s kind of weird. I can’t see all of them. If you send me that. I will send you a bottle of my son’s kalpa spray, which you can find over on my website. So I, it’s my way of saying thank you for participating and caring about the show. Alright, today, here we are. Another great moment that I get to spend with you.

Let’s take an inhale just to start the. Together, inhale here. And exhale, and I’m going to take one more inhale and exhale and know, and trust that this time that you take for yourself is exactly what you need. It’s exactly going to fill you. Today’s Wednesday, Wednesday mantras or meditations. And I was thinking about how everybody is really trying to lock in all the groceries, but for the holiday. And I know what is that black Friday and cyber Monday are going to happen.

And there’s a, there’s a lot of activity happening and I just ask that you slow down. And so today’s mantra is going to be around, slowing down and allow yourself to feel present in the present. And nurturing yourself. All right. So go ahead and settle into a cushion, a chair, or if you’re walking, be mindful of your steps as you walk and we can begin today’s practice, setting an intention for the next little while that the focus will be on.

And just you

feeling the backs of the legs and noticing the position in which you’ve placed yourself, allowing the seat. If you’re sitting to wrap around you and support you

take another inhale here, filling the chest, opening the lens, inhale.

Holding at the top and exhaling letting it all out

and repeating silently to yourself, the statements, letting them fall over you.

I allow myself to go slow. I allow myself to be slow, knowing that nothing happens when I rush,

knowing that I won’t miss anything, and knowing that everything happens right on time.

How to Be Fully Present This Holiday Season

I have enough.

I have enough time.

I give my permission to myself to slow down.

My life works perfectly as I slowed down.

I feel my body, as it slows down.

Slowing down brings me comfort.

There is no need to rush.

I have enough time.

I have enough time.

And take a large inhale here,

letting it out slowly, softly

I allow myself to be present in the moment.

I allow myself to be present in the moment,

taking in the voices, saying. The emotions

I am present in the moment

I allow myself. To be present

I am able to feel the beat of my heart.

I am able to feel the beat of my heart.

I feel the presence in my head.

I allow myself to be present in the moment.

I am able to accept my life as it is.

I am able to accept my life as it is.

let’s take a large inhale here, inhaling

and exhaling.

Feeling the acceptance of my life, knowing that slow and steady allows me to be in the present moment.

Slow and steady.

I am feeling as though my world works effortlessly.

My life works, effortlessly.

Feel that statement. My life works effortlessly. Take a large inhale Myla. Works effortlessly knowing that truth, feeling the air, move through your body, be present with.

And be steady and kind and allow yourself to be enough.

You are enough. My friend,

thank you for practicing today. Place a small smile and smirk on your face. Allowing yourself to thank yourself for this time, this small moment,

take a large inhale again, changing your brain. Changing the moment, changing your entire being.

Enjoy the rest of the day. How to Be Fully Present This Holiday Season Come back to this practice again and again, when you know you need to slow things down and come home to yourself, share this with a friend and enjoy the moment. I’ll see you next time. Take good care.

Thank you for listening today. Make sure to check out group coaching. It is on, you can find out more information over at early bird pricing is an effect, and I hope to see you there.

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