Really deployment?

Just joking, well maybe not…  When I entered the world of technology I really had no idea what I was getting myself into, and maybe that has been a good thing.  Maybe naivety has been my advantage in this whole thing, maybe that is why I just keep going?  Developing technology without a technology background, … Read more

Realistic Expectations

Again, I am baffled at how quickly time passes me by!  When I began working on Living My Dreams I was set on a five month launch date, now into it over nine months I’m beginning to question my expectations.  I recently read a post in Quora on software development and the real length of … Read more

Staying True and Focused

Recently I was introduced to someone fabulous, another delightful entrepreneur.  I love entrepreneurs, we are a special breed (but that’s for another post).  Anyway, I met this person and we hit it off immediately, I love that!  We talked shop, we exchanged ideas and then suddenly I found myself wrapped up with moving on from … Read more

What kind of people are in your life? I recently realized that I have some amazing people in my life, who make my life much more easier to handle, now. Being a mom, and an entrepreneur demands constant attention to details, (now I’m not saying that this is the only job that demands critical attention… I’m just making a note) emails, line … Read more